When working with major customers, transport companies with only a small number of vehicles/self-drivers often face difficulties as a result of not having adequate fleets. What distinguishes these companies, however, is exceptional motivation, a solid awareness of quality, streamlined communication and family-like cohesion – all of which are strengths we like to capitalise on.

We welcome self-drivers and small companies to work on our behalf.

Requirements for a co-operation

  • comparable quality standards in transportation,
  • reliability,
  • semi-trailer truck with hydraulics or complete road train.

We offer our partners

  • excellent capacity utilisation with high-quality orders,
  • varied jobs,
  • punctual payment,
  • dump trailer rental if necessary,
  • business management consulting if necessary.

What distinguishes us from other clients?

Anyone who drives for us is an equal partner. We don’t negotiate excessively low kilometre fees as a way of attracting service providers. The transport prices are instead always geared around our client’s prices, and are therefore determined by the market.

The order information is sent directly to the driver, management or relevant contact person at the partner company. The partner thus retains its economic independence and can cancel an order at any time, e.g. if they themselves have a more attractive load to follow. The partner can also end the co-operation at very short notice. So it’s not a tight bond which ends up being disadvantageous.